MacPerl Reports: Explain Tests

[ MacPerl ]This is just a short list of things to know about when running tests for MacPerl. I know it isn't perfect, but it is a start. If you have any questions, ask the MacPerl Porters list. Thanks!

  • Create a new Configuration if you are testing a new version of MacPerl!

  • Testing from MPW is highly recommended. You can run the tests from the application instead, but many of them simply will not work properly, because they depend on certain paths and depend on being able to call perl (or other tools) and capture the results. You don't need to have the total setup to do this, you just need to install MPW (and ToolServer), set to the right directory, and run the script.

  • From MPW, change directory to the :perl:t: directory, then run ::macos:MacPerlTests.cmd. It will run all tests thought to be working properly, and report the results. If testing from the precompiled distribution instead of your own compiled source tree, you will need to make an alias from :MPW:perl to :macos:perl.

  • Feel free to report the results on any test, but focus on reporting results for tests that should work but don't, or ones that don't work. Don't be afraid to run tests many people have already run. The more results, the better!

  • If you are using a compiled binary from us, then the compiler is MWCPPC (for PPC) and MWC68K (for 68K).

  • "OK" means nothing needs to be done to the test to make it work.

  • "Some porting needed" means the test just needs a few changes to make it work with MacPerl, but that MacPerl itself is fine, and a patch should be submitted (but don't do it if you can't, don't want to, don't have time etc., as long as you describe the problem well).

  • "Major porting needed" means that either MacPerl needs to be fixed, or the test needs major rewriting. If MacPerl needs to be fixed, a bug report should be submitted.

  • "Not applicable to platform" means the function being tested is not applicable, such as fork or exec. If the test does not work properly for the platform, then that just means it needs to be fixed.

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