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  1. O'Reilly Network: Google Web API [April 18, 2002]
    ... messages; Google Web API WSDL file; A Java library, example program, and Javadoc
    documentation; A sample .NET program; A simple SOAP::Lite-based Perl script; README ...

  2. DaveNet : What's next after the Google API?
    ... the release of the Google API is significant. 1. It works ... a SOAP call to Google and
    get a response. 2 ... Radio UserLand, Movable Type, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl ...

  3. use Perl | Google API Released, Full of SOAPy Goodness
    ... API (note: you'll need a Google API license key!). I'm waiting on Google's consent
    before pushing it onto the ... by pudge ( on 2002.04.14 16:16 ...

  4. use Perl: All The Perl That's P7L to E5T and R4T
    ... security problem fixed. It's installed on use Perl, and the SOAP interface is now
    up and running again. 'sall good. ... Google API Released, Full of SOAPy Goodness. ...

  5. SoapWare.Org : Services > Google API > Implementations
    The leading directory for SOAP 1.1 developers. ... AppleScript (Steve Zellers). ... Movable
    Type (Josh Cooper). Perl (Aaron Cope). Perl (Matt Webb). ...

  6. Developers dig in to Google's toolbox - Tech News -
    ... Gaga over Google Google's API test service uses WSDL (Web Services Description ... be
    developed in alternate programming languages, including Perl and Ruby. ...

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